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Completely cut off from the world in Hatten and Rittershoffen on January 11th, 1945, 2nd Battalion of the 315th Infantry Regiment was fighting at close range. Men were exhausted, some time running out of ammunitions
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Topics: WWII 79th Infantry Division, France, Alsace, Operation Northwind, 25thPanzergrenadier Division, WWII Rittershoffen Hatten, 14th Armored Division

The battle of Hatten was now on, the young and unexperimented German soldiers met until then by the US Troops had given way to determinated veterans and 79th Infantry Division had to deal with them.
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Topics: WWII 79th Infantry Division, France, Alsace, WWII - Alsace-Lorraine, WWII 315th Infantry Regiment, WWII Rittershoffen Hatten

Two once pretty Alsatian villages lost in the countryside. These words perfectly define Rittershoffen and Hatten, no one lives there and according to US soldiers no one would like but these two places became the central
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Topics: WWII 79th Infantry Division, WWII 315 Infantry Regiment, France, Alsace, Operation Northwind, Hatten, 25thPanzergrenadier Division, WWII 315th Infantry Regiment, WWII Rittershoffen Hatten

“We gamble now ----- we cannot fail”.These words were said by Field Marshal Von Rundstedt before to launch his famous offensive code named “Wacht am Rhein” (Watch on the Rhine in English) on December 17th, 1944, named
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Late November 1944, the 79th Infantry Division had pushed deeper in Alsace County and was now not far away from the town of Haguenau, symbolically a crossroad between France and Germany. The Saverne Gap battle was
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During the Saverne Gap battle it was the entire 79th Infantry Division which had been used, all of the elements without any exceptions. Indeed, while the 314th Infantry Regiment was fighting for villages of Hameau
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Time to rest for the 1st Battalion of the 314th Infantry Regiment after the Battle of Barbas was short leave, indeed once it moved forward to an assembly area at Halloville, at noon on the same day, which was November
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Before the war, Barbas, a village of perhaps seventy-five houses, huddled rather closely together was a very quiet village in the French countryside. It is on low ground between two fairly steep hills. A small stream,
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August 21st, 1944, after one-hundred days of heavy fighting the Normandy Campaign ends and the Rat Race began. By that time while the German Army was escaping toward the East trying to find shelter behind the border, in
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