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During the afternoon of August 15th, 315th Infantry Regiment started its move toward Paris, motorized. The first step was a move of approximately 60 miles passing through the village of Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe, in which 2nd
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As the American armies were progressing toward Brittany and to the Mayenne, the 315th Infantry Regiment was still on its way to the south. Lessay was under Division’s control, Germans were retreating, everything was
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Topics: World War 2, World War Two, WWII 1st US Army, WWII, WWII 79th Infantry Division, Brittany, WWII 315 Infantry Regiment, Rat Race, Laval

After having left Fortress Cherbourg, the third and last regiment of the 79th Infantry division, 315th Infantry Regiment reached the village of Fierville-les-Mines. No need to tell men that they were about to launch a
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Topics: WWII 1st US Army, WWII 79th Infantry Division, France, Normandy, Cherbourg, WWII 315 Infantry Regiment, France, Normandy, Fierville-les-Mines

Two once pretty Alsatian villages lost in the countryside. These words perfectly define Rittershoffen and Hatten, no one lives there and according to US soldiers no one would like but these two places became the central
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Topics: WWII 79th Infantry Division, WWII 315 Infantry Regiment, France, Alsace, Operation Northwind, Hatten, 25thPanzergrenadier Division, WWII 315th Infantry Regiment, WWII Rittershoffen Hatten

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