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Fully Customized World War II Tours of Europe

What Does
Your Once-in-a-Lifetime
Trip Look Like?

Explore the rich history of WWII on a tour that has been designed just for you. Our international team of experts will plan a private experience for your group based on your bucket list, your unique interests in culture, history, art, music and gastronomy, and your travel experience and preferences.

On our custom tours, there are no restrictions on your time spent abroad. We can travel from the United Kingdom to Morocco, France to Germany, Italy to Finland, Luxembourg to Austria, Belgium to Czechoslovakia, and beyond—all in first-class accommodations.

You can of course choose one of our all-inclusive European or Normandy tour packages acclaimed by our guests unanimously.

Make your next holiday an unforgettable adventure where luxury meets history, as you walk the hallowed paths of heroes.

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"Rudy created a 1-week custom tour for my dad, uncle, brother and I to follow the path of my Grandpas division (2nd Infantry Division) in WWII. We have been researching and talking about going on this trip for over 5 years and Rudy made our dream trip come true and exceeded all expectations. Rudy has great knowledge of WWII and has detailed stories of what took place at each of the battle sites that we visited. Rudy was able to customize a tour for us to travel all over France to visit every battle my Grandpa's division fought and took us to other historic sites and museums. He created a tour that was a true honor to my Grandpa and all the heroes from WWII. Rudy will take care of all of your logistics once you arrive in France. He is the best tour guide I have experienced!"

- Barbara

"Our recent private Normandy tour helped us appreciate through first-hand experience why Rudy has so many 5 Star ratings from his clients. Rudy has absolutely earned all the accolades posted here; they are spot on. What still brings tears to my eyes is the profound concern Rudy has in making his tours personal. War is about great battles, but it is carried out by individuals. At every stop along our route, Rudy spoke of the soldiers as well as the civilians caught up in the war. We learned about tactics, armor, artillery, tanks, bombings in a way that gave us an inkling of what being in battle really means. Cemeteries became more than just rows of stone markers as we stopped and paid homage to particular soldiers as well as a randomly picked gravesite. In each cemetery, Rudy explained the concept behind the design layout of the cemetery as well as provided the time we needed to process our emotions."

"This tour was very personal as we were retracing the steps of my uncle who ultimately died in the Battle of the Bulge. Rudy was glad I mentioned Steve was wounded near Vire and he said we would go there. Long story short, it was dark as we drove through the village to find the monument that Rudy knew was there. He parked so the car lights lit up the Memorial. The stars were brilliant and the connection I felt to my Uncle in that place will be with me always."

We will be forever grateful to Rudy.

-Mike & Karen (Alaska)

All tours include:
Full-Time Escort & Historian

Our founder Rudy Passera provides unparalleled knowledge, qualifications, & experience

Deluxe SUV for
Road Travel

Sit back in first-class comfort, as you enjoy air conditioning and Wi-Fi in between tour stops

Airport Pickup &

Relax from the moment you arrive. Transportation provided on the first and last day of tours.


Decompress from the day in private rooms at refined, stylish hotels in every town (free Wi-Fi included)

World Heritage

Explore breathtaking places, from the Roman city of Bath to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Mix of Activity &

Choose your activity level, from full days of walking tours to a more balanced blend of walking and rest

Premium Local
Food & Drink

Enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of your tour, for a full sensory experience

Museum Entrance

Enrich your tour with curated, emotionally moving museum experiences at no additional cost


Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose!

Next of Kin

Every veteran has a unique story. Let us customize your bucket list tour to follow the footstep of your Next of Kin

World War II History Tours
VIP Access

We are committed in providing our guests the highest standard of service


Why Tour With Rudy?

Rudy Passera is the founder of Normandy American Heroes, and serves as the guide for private group tours. To Rudy, historical tours are his business—but they mean much more than that. He intends for Normandy American Heroes tours to be a bridge between Europe, the U.S. and its allies, providing lessons that we all must learn from.

Rudy is the the only Interpretive Guide who has worked both for the Normandy American Cemetery/La Pointe du Hoc and the Utah Beach Museum. He has also served three times as the Master of Ceremonies for the International Commemoration at Utah Beach.

There is no one better than Rudy to have by your side as you experience the true meaning of courage, competence and devotion to duty as demonstrated by the heroes of WWII.

Ready to take a trip back in time?