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We are sincerely very appreciative and none more so than myself. The passion that you bring to your work is evident and it created a wonderful experience for me, on several different levels. I particularly appreciate how you humanized the people that you spoke of, because they weren't just names and faces in books, movies and carved in stone. They were real people, just like us, with family and dreams and a love of life. So, their contribution and sacrifices were also very real. It is inspiring for me to connect with the past...which formed the present and shapes the future. History does that for me when it comes alive and I suspect it does for you as well. I feel sorry for those who haven't allowed themselves that connection. Standing at Gettysburg or on Omaha Beach, for example, I can feel some force that is stronger than just my imagination, which is history coming. So, good work...Bill

I must give you a huge thank you for the time you spent with us at the museum and around Utah Beach…. You are a valuable asset to the Normandie area with your vast knowledge of the events which transpired during D-Day and all the various actions in the area…. Rob and Tracy

I want you to know that the tour you provided to our family was nothing short of phenomenal! We have been talking about it daily since we left France. Your depth of knowledge and interesting facts both well-known and obscure made our experience exceptional. You are a true professional and we so appreciate that we were fortunate to have you as our guide....Rich and Tommi

Rudy, thank you so much! My dad still talks about you. When we're talking about the trip he'll say "That Rudy is a dandy". Cathy

Congratulations, Rudy! We wish you much success. Your knowledgeable narrative and stories were a great part of our tour. Best regards, Earl and Dicksie

Good day Rudy, So pleased and excited about your new website and your accomplishments. I want to personally thank you for being such a wonderful tour guide and bringing the knowledge of WWII in to full focus for me. I now have a better understanding about our heroes and the terrible pain and struggles that they had to endure. I will pass on your information to my friends and family and hope that one day they will get to meet such a wonderful person as yourself. Again, I want to say thank you Rudy for your dedication to our military heroes of WWII. Congratulations on a job well done. Very respectfully, Wendy

Rudy, I finally have had a chance to read most of the stories you sent. I really appreciate the work you did to gather and organize all this information for us.It is a treasure chest. And thanks again for your outstanding work as our tour guide. You really made the landings come to life for us. The individual stories you told then and those you sent now make such a big difference in understanding what happened and how it affected those involved and those they left behind. For me, the contrasting stories of Frank Peregory and Jimmie Monteith were especially meaningful. Thank you for being a major contributor to making my tour so memorable. Best wishes for a most happy and rewarding 2015. Tom

It is so good to hear from you! My heart will always be in Normandy. I am so grateful to have been able to go and you made it so special! Dorothy and Mark

Thanks very much for the emails with pictures. And thank you for your tour last June. We enjoyed the trip and your explanations. We will be glad to forward your name to our friends heading over there. Best wishes and a happy new year, Paul and Leigh

My wife and I had a terrific time, your portion of the tour was the best. The knowledge you were able to pass on to us was incredible, but that was from an intellectual level. What truly reached us were the stories you told of individual soldiers making everything much more than just statistics....Jim and Joan

Hello Rudy, Joe recently visited Donavon and me, in Colorado, and was telling us of your new tour venture being developed and we both know it will be exceptional. The short time we spent with you during our tour in late May to early June was so fun and informative. There’s never a week that passes that we don’t recall something you told us or showed us, Donavon and I obviously needed a longer tour or perhaps a repeat. Barbara & Donavon


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