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Press release - Health pass for vaccinated non-European foreign tourists passing through France (23 August 2021)

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Topics: Covid-19, Traveling to Europe, Vaccination, Traveling to France, Health Pass and QR code

On D-Day the Allied troops knew exactly where the German defenses were, which divisions were deployed, what size gun battery they were

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Topics: World War 2, WWII Atlantic Wall, World War Two

Nowadays to acquire knowledge about a specific subject, we have at our disposal a multitude of resources as books, internet websites,

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Topics: World War 2, WWII, Cotentin Peninsula, WWII 297th Engineer Battalion The Jack Rabbits

Frederick C. Murphy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 27, 1918, and lived in nearby Quincy.

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Topics: World War 2, World War Two, The West Wall, Siegfried Line

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