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During the mission of the 2nd Armored Division which was to prevent the Germans to reestablish a line of defense after the Saint-Lô breakthrough, “C” Company of the 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion was attached to the
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During the closing of the Roncey Pocket, the 82nd Reconnaissance Battalion had to reconnoiter the Combat Command “B” road of advance and then to cover the flanks and to go all the way to the Sienne River to take the
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On July 29th at 0655pm, the 78th Armored Field Artillery Battalion of the 2nd Armored Division took a position near La Chapelle du Pont Flaba at coordinates 291441 (see map below). The Fire Direction Centre was in a
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On July 29th, 1944, Captain James R. McCartney commanding officer of “E” Company of the 2nd Battalion of the 67th Armored Regiment had brought his company in Grimesnil and set up his bivouac area at coordinates 279460
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On July 25th 1944, the 1st US Army under the command of Lieutenant-General Omar Bradley launched Operation Cobra, the destruction of the German lines once and for all in Normandy. Indeed, the American Army was fighting
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During the afternoon of August 15th, 315th Infantry Regiment started its move toward Paris, motorized. The first step was a move of approximately 60 miles passing through the village of Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe, in which 2nd
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Before to move on Paris, 314th Infantry Regiment was in Division Reserve on the 17th of August 1944, men had the chance to rest by watching the world premiere of “Casanova Brown” starring Gary Cooper and Teressa Wright
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At Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe, 79th Infantry Division was assembled to assist the other elements of the XV Corps in blocking the escape of the Germans to the east. Several enemy groups composed of armored vehicles and of
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Upon their return from Division Headquarters, Lieutenant-Colonel W.A. Robinson, Lieutenant-Colonel James P. Davis and Major William H. Hillier held a meeting with battalions, Special Units, Supporting Units Commanders
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