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Single-day or a la carte tours
showcase the best of Normandy

Even one day spent exploring the history of D-Day and the American soldiers who put their lives on the line will stick with you forever. Our expert team has designed an incredible one-day Normandy tour for travelers with limited time.

Or, for visitors who want a more complete picture of the 100-day Normandy campaign that liberated Western Europe from German control, we'll help you design a completely custom tour of 3 days or more.

On the single-day tour, we'll explore what the 1st U.S. Army of General Bradley were facing, and what they achieved on D-Day. With more time, we can also dive into how the 3rd U.S. Army of General Patton contributed to the Normandy campaign's success. Throughout any of our Normandy experiences, you'll hear personal stories that go beyond the history books, retrace the American soldiers' footsteps, and bring to life the stunning moments that defined these battles.

Single-Day Tour Highlights
Full-Time Escort & Historian

Our founder Rudy Passera provides unparalleled knowledge, qualifications, & experience

Deluxe SUV for Road Travel

Sit back in first-class comfort, as you enjoy air conditioning and Wi-Fi in between tour stops

Museum Entrance Fees

Enrich your tour with curated, emotionally moving museum experiences at no additional cost

Premium Local Food & Drink

Enjoy a delicious packed lunch (sandwich, gateau & drink) from a local bakery

A La Carte tour highlights

All of the above, plus...

First-Class Accommodations

Decompress from the day in private rooms at refined, stylish hotels in every town (free Wi-Fi included)

Mix of Activity & Relaxation

Choose your activity level, from full days of walking tours to a more balanced blend of walking and rest

Three Premium Meals Per Day

Enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your tour, for a full sensory experience

Educational Road Book

Take home a momento that will always remind you of your Normandy experience


Why Tour With Rudy?

Rudy Passera is the founder of Normandy American Heroes, and serves as the guide for private group tours. To Rudy, historical tours are his business—but they mean much more than that. He intends for Normandy American Heroes tours to be a bridge between Europe, the U.S. and its allies, providing lessons that we all must learn from.

Rudy is the the only Interpretive Guide who has worked both for the Normandy American Cemetery/La Pointe du Hoc and the Utah Beach Museum. He has also served three times as the Master of Ceremonies for the International Commemorations at Utah Beach.

There is no one better than Rudy to have by your side as you experience the true meaning of courage, competence and devotion to duty as demonstrated by the heroes of WWII.

Watch to Learn More About Rudy and Normandy American Heroes

“This tour was totally amazing. For four days, Rudy took us around the beaches, battlefields, cemeteries and historical attractions. Not once were we bored or wishing we had taken another tour/guide. Rudy’s amazing knowledge of the area and D-day battles, along with follow on campaigns resulted in a full emersion into the way the Normandy/Overlord Operation occurred. Even though some of the days were very long (almost 12 hours), Rudy did not rush through the discussions. I would highly recommend this company for experiencing Normandy in 1945. This was our first time to Utah and Omaha beaches and the time Rudy took standing on the beach describing the assault and battles made us cry, smile and wonder in awe at the accomplishment of our father’s generation. Well done Rudy. You surpassed all of our expectations for this four-day tour. I will now wipe the tears from my eyes just thinking about these historic four days. Thank You Rudy!

- Bruce
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