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At Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe, 79th Infantry Division was assembled to assist the other elements of the XV Corps in blocking the escape of the Germans to the east. Several enemy groups composed of armored vehicles and of
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In the early days of August 1944, Normandy frontlines are almost drilled, Operation Cobra was a huge success. German Army was routed and was forced to withdraw. Some behind the natural line of defenses known as the Orne
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Topics: World War 2, WWII 79th Infantry Division, Normandy, WWII 313 Infantry Regiment

Note: Some information may contradict each other regarding the actions performed by the battalions, or regarding the enemy forces. This is due to the ferocity of the fighting, some men testified to have seen halftracks,
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Topics: WWII 79th Infantry Division, Siegfried Line, WWII 313 Infantry Regiment, France, Lorraine, France, Alsace

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