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June 29th, 1944, while the last battles were taking place west (Cap de la Hague) and east (Cap Lévi) of Cherbourg, the 2nd Battalion of the 314th Infantry Regiment left its assembly area (south of Bricquebec) to take up
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Press release - Health pass for vaccinated non-European foreign tourists passing through France (23 August 2021) The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is setting up a specific system allowing foreign tourists
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Once our missions to clear roads at Cherbourg were completed on the 27th and 28th of June 1944, we were sent back to Saint-Joseph and Fresville to rest after the heavy fightings to take control of "Fortress" Cherbourg.
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On D-Day the Allied troops knew exactly where the German defenses were, which divisions were deployed, what size gun battery they were to affront on the coastline and how each regiment was going to defeat them.
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