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Omaha Beach Golf Course

Posted by Lisa Marie on Mar 14, 2024 4:15:00 PM

Omaha Beach is sadly known for the tragic events which occurred during the Second World War, especially during the D-Day. 

WW2 copy
American assault troops landing at Omaha Beach

It is the codename given by the allied during the Second World War, to a large Norman beach, which extends on ten kilometers, between the villages of Colleville-sur-Mer and Vierville-sur-Mer. 

The soon called “Bloody Omaha” is probably the most sadly famous of the five landing beaches, where the 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions of the First U.S. Army landed. 

Nowadays, it is a place which is frequented by thousands of people each year, who come to remember and pay tribute to the men who fought for our liberty, a few decades ago.

Normandy is also the occasion to try the typical gastronomy and do a bit of sports. And for that, golf is the perfect candidate! Indeed, knowing the appetence of the Americans for this game, as well as for Normandy, let us present you the Omaha Beach Golf Club!

The Omaha Beach Golf Club.

Located in the fishing harbor of Port-en-Bessin, near Omaha, it is the only 36-holes golf course in western France. It was designed by the famous architect Yves Bureau, from the idea of Guy Dupont. This farmer discovered the golf in the 80’s and decided, with his family, to transform his land into a golf course. 

The construction began in 1986, with the opening of the “l’Etang Course”, inaugurated on July of the same year. Over the years, it never ceased to expend, due to Mr. Dupont’s ambitions. “The Sea” and “the Bocage” courses were thus constructed, followed by a Club House. 

In 2006, the “l’Etang Course” was extended, and became “Le Manoir”. 

Nowadays, it reached the one hundred and twenty hectares, and it is formed of two courses of 18 holes. The first one, called “La Mer”, allows people to have a stunning viewpoint in the city of Port-en-Bessin, but also on a part of the coast, and on Arromanches and the battery of Longue-sur-Mer. The second one, untitled “Le Manoir”, offers a bucolic view, and allows the fervent players to see the medieval city of Bayeux. 

It is now a well-known golf club, which welcomed major competitions over the years. Among them, we can cite the Omnium National, the French Senior Doubles Championship, the French Open Seniors, but also the French Mid-amateur Internationals, the French Open Seniors Men, the Jean Lignel Trophy – French Clubs Cup, or the French Corporate Team Championship.

A strong relationship between remembrance and the Omaha Beach Golf Club

Another important event which occurred there was the D-Day Senior Open. For the occasion, in 1994,  the Supreme leader of the Allied Forces’ son John S. D Eisenhower inaugurated the first hole. It shows the importance of memory in the Omaha Beach Golf Club. Here, each hole is named after a liberating American veteran or a famous battle. 

John Eisenhower copy
John S. D Eisenhower

In the lobby of the course clubhouse is an American flag with a certificate from one of the Normandy American Heroes guests, Ken D., former member of the Kiwanis club, in Suisun City, California. The club donated the flag to the owner, Mr. Thierry Dupont, in the late ‘90s. They did that through Gene Dellinger, who was the American superintendent at the Normandy American Cemetery at the time.


Written by Lisa Marie, Trainee at Normandy American Heroes.

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