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London - Paris - Normandy - 100 / 160 Euros one way > 8 hours journey

Posted by Steven Aguiar on Mar 4, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Tower bridge

Normandy American Heroes founder, Rudy Passera, takes his guests on the European battlefields and willingly shares his expertise on how to help travellers optimize their travel plans from the States to Normandy landing beaches via London, U.K.! 

st pancras london

If you are coming to Normandy from London, your first choice is to take the Eurostar at St Pancras London international train station to Gare du Nord Paris train station.

Ideally you need to book yourself to be at the front of the train to save walking time when you arrive in Paris and have to walk thru customs.

The average travel time is 2h30, fast enough that we don't recommend that you travel Business Premier.

If you want to travel 1st class, then choose Standard Premier, the average cost is 120 Euros per guest.  You will have extra leg room and a light meal and drink served at your seat.

If you travel 2nd class, the average cost is 60 Euros per guest

This is the link to the Eurostar website if you want to take care of it yourself: https://www.eurostar.com/us-en

Normandy American Heroes can of course take care of booking your train ticket and charge you back.

gare du nord

When you arrive at Gare du Nord Paris train station you have three options on how to get to Gare Saint Lazare: bus, métro or by taxi.

Métro (you have to carry your luggage thru the crowd)

Take line 4 direction Mairie de Montrouge and get of at Chatelet Les Halles then take line 14 direction Gare Saint Lazare - 20 minutes travel time average - cost 1.50 euros per guest

Bus (you may have to stand up during the whole trip with your luggage!)

Take bus number 26 direction Saint Lazare - 20 minutes travel time average with the advantage of staying in the bus - cost 1.50 euros per guest

Taxi (best option)

For an average cost of 10 Euros  and 15 mn driving time pending on traffic you don't have to worry of your luggages, just relax!

Tip: a real taxi always has an illuminated sign and is registered. Pay the price that is indicated on the meter BUT most important ASK FOR A RECEIPT! Why? On the receipt is his license number, if you believe you paid too much it's then very easy to contact the Taxi company, not in the interest of the driver!

Important: avoid like the black plague false taxis waiting just outside the exit door of the luggage claim area, most of the time they are not declared, and if not declared not insured to transport passengers! Also, they will try to rip you off....

Train Exhibit, Gare St. Lazare April 2, 1951)

Gare Saint Lazare to Bayeux, Normandy - average 2h21 of transport with one stop in Caen (you stay in the train!)

When you face the entrance of the Gare Saint Lazare, all trains departing for Normandy are on the far right so easy to find.

Either you purchase your train ticket at Gare Saint Lazare (we don't recommend as you may miss the next train) or purchase it in advance, which we strongly recommend! Why?

If you purchase you train ticket at least 45 days in advance you will be able to travel 1st class at pretty much the same cost as a 2nd class ticket.

I.e., 15 Euros 2nd class, 20 Euros 1st class or 21.80 Euros 2nd class, 24.90 euros 1st class pending at what time you take your train etc.

This is the link to the SCNF website if you want to take care of it yourself: https://en.oui.sncf/en/

Normandy American Heroes can of course take care of booking your train ticket and charge you back.

A good choice of travelling if :

  • you are on a tight budget
  • you are ok to carry your luggages with you  
  • you are not in a hurry
  • you don't mind the crowd in Paris
  • you are fine to travel standing up in the metro or Bus pending your ETA from London
  • you don’t want to visit some incredible sites like Giverny on your way to Normandy


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