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The Ghost of Normandy, the most decorated soldier of US History!

In February 1979 came a call from Chief Warrant Officer Carl Hansen of the Awards Office in the Pentagon. “Colonel Urban, I have some great news for you! On digging through our great volume of files, we have located a bona fide application for the Congressional Medal of Honor sent to us by Sergeant Earl Evans!”

Sergeant Evans spent the last months of the war in a German POW captured shortly after Matt Urban final evacuation from the front… and was the one pushing the U.S. administration to recognize the valor in action of his comrade when he came back safely home. It will take him almost 35 years to accomplish this administration crusade!

Why? Once you will have read the story of Matt Urban, you will understand why one comrade did this for another comrade!

Would you have done the same?

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The Final Countdown of the Germans defeated by the VIII Corps in Brest

After the fall of Forts Montbarey and Keranroux, the enemy withdrew to its final line of defense at Recouvrance, and to the submarine base along the waterfront to the South.

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Kerognan guns, a defense of Festung Brest, taken by the 115th Regiment

In the northwest of Brest, precisely at the South of the cities of Guilers and Bohars, was a group of strongpoints. Built in the villages of Kerognan, Loguillo and Le Moulin du Beuzit, they formed a triangular line of defense.

Thanks to this line of defense, the Germans were able to defend the potential attacks coming from the North, West and East. Kerognan was not a Fort as such but rather an elaborate and strongly defended site with a battery of 105mm Anti-Tank guns.

The mission to take out the guns of Kerognan was assigned to Companies “E” and “G” of the 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division.

The attack on Kerognan strongpoint was the beginning of the Brest campaign for the 2nd Battalion of the 115th Infantry Regiment

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Topics: World War 2, Nazi, Third Reich, France, Brittany, Nazi, Führer Adolf Hitler, WWII Atlantic Wall, WWII 115th Infantry Regiment, WWII 29th Infantry Division, World War Two, WWII Engineers Special Brigade, WWII, Infantry, Third Reich, Wehrmacht, WWII, UNESCO World Heritage, France, Brittany, Brest Festung German defenses, Silver Star recipient, France, Brittany, Brest Kerognan guns, WWII 8th Infantry Division, France, Brittany American Cemetery, Netherlands American Cemetery

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