This is the thrilling story of how one man’s grit and determination in fighting to defeat his enemies and to preserve his unit was ultimately rewarded, 35 years after the fact.

Captain Matt Urban was nicknamed “The Ghost” by German soldiers he fought; no matter how many times they thought they had killed him, he was always back to fight them in another place. Urban’s bravery and outstanding leadership eventually led to a Congressional Medal of Honor, but not until 35 years after the war was over.

Why did it take so long for Urban’s valor to be recognized? The story is fascinating, full of twists and turns that one typically finds only in fiction. The man who was eventually lauded had quite the impressive resume. He was:

  • Awarded 29 medals for bravery
  • Spent 20 months in front line action
  • Wounded seven times in action
  • Took part in six major battle campaigns in five major countries

Captain Matt Urban’s story is one that should never be forgotten.

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