Journey back in time and meet your ancestors!

If you’d like some assistance finding your ancestry while traveling in Europe, Normandy American Heroes can also help with that. We offer personalized genealogical research assistance with a member of our team who is a Certified Genealogist.

We all seem to have family legend or two. Many of us have heard tales from our older family members, about where we came from. It could be a story passed down about French ancestors and their voyage across the ocean in a steamship, arriving at Ellis Island or one of many other U.S. or Canadian ports. Maybe one of your British Isles ancestors came over for a new start or to start a family where there was much more opportunity. Or, an ancestor from Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) came to escape conscription from the Kaiser, or the stress of a hard life toiling on the land. Some people find that they are actually related to royalty, or to a serf on the baron’s land. Doesn't that make you curious?

Legends can be made reality with some research. It does take time and patience but the reward can be awesome and unexpected! It all comes down to finding records of the lives of your ancestors. What did they leave behind? A census record, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a death certificate, an obituary, a ships passenger list, a passport, a land record, a probate, or even a newspaper article can include the person you want to know about in the story. These types of records have a wealth of information about your ancestors and their relationships, even social life and their behaviour.

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